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Pre-Settlement Financing

If you are an individual who was injured and is involved in a lawsuit, Excel
Legal Funding can assist you with a cash advance to help pay your rent,
utility bills, medical bills or other necessities.

Excel Legal Funding can assist an attorney who would like an advance to
pay for expert testimony. A huge benefit of this type of financing is the ability
to take advantage of a Non-Recourse Transaction, meaning if the case is
lost the attorney and injured party are not responsible to pay back any
money they received in advance of settlement.

Business Financing

Excel Legal Funding can help you whether you are a business, medical
practice, or individual who would benefit from having a lump sum of cash
in place of your future income stream.

Excel Legal Funding can help you determine the best way of turning your
existing income streams into cash.  Do you need cash to:
There is no need to wait 30, 60, 90 days –or beyond! – to get paid.
Get cash today, rather than tomorrow, for your future income
We are also able to assist you with a variety of other types of income
stream funding, including:

privately held mortgage, business and other notes
structured settlements
advanced funding of account receivables (factoring)
funding of medical receivables
Learn more about how Excel Legal Funding can help you solve your
cash flow challenges.

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