About Our Business

Excel Legal Funding is a proactive company that offers practical
solutions to assist clients nationwide in need of cash now
as opposed
to cash later. The diverse background of founder David Solomon allows
the company to sympathize with the needs of clients.

David Solomon is an attorney licensed in New York and New Jersey who
actively practiced law for over 11 years, specializing in personal injury and
medical bill collections. This experience awakened in David the strong
need for lawsuit
pre-settlement financing. Ironically, some personal
injury attorneys have cash flow problems just like their clients; not only
are the attorneys paid only when a case settles, paralegals and
secretarial staff must be paid in a timely manner.

Most importantly, attorneys are regulated by a strict code of ethics that
make it unethical, and even illegal in many states, to advance their
injured clients money regardless of the merits of the underlying litigation.
Many injured persons really need the money to pay rent, car lease
payments, feed their families and other necessities. Unfortunately, some
injured victims will switch attorneys not because the new attorney is more
qualified but due to an unethical promise of either a speedy settlement or
cash advance directly from the new attorney. Often the cash advance
never happens and either the case does not settle quickly or it settles for
much less than its actual value. The ethical attorney is, in effect,
punished for acting responsibly. Pre-Settlement Financing can be the
answer to many clients' problems. The fact is that a majority of attorneys
do not realize either the existence of this form of funding or the
safeguards that exist to protect everyone.

The cash advance provided during pre-settlement financing is
non-recourse, meaning if the case is lost neither client nor attorney is
responsible to pay back any monies.
Furthermore, the funding
underwriters are attorneys who understand the real life situations faced
by both attorneys and clients. Advances are not given irresponsibly and
usually represent a small percentage value of the case.

Excel Legal Funding will go the extra mile to get a first-rate result for both
injured victim and attorney. We understand and value future business
more than earning a one-time fee. Often advances are made to fund a
surgical procedure or expert testimony which is a win-win situation, as it
often increases the value of a case.

David has been involved as a principal of a wholesale distribution
business where it became apparent that the
most credit-worthy, cash
rich clients (payors) will engage in business only if an agreement is
based on their terms
, which means waiting for payment a minimum of
45-90 days until after delivery.  Receivables Funding (factoring) can be
the answer to the challenges that many business face when it comes to
staying on top of their cash flow. The purchasing of accounts receivables
for cash now is done on a case by case basis. It is usually a quick
process whereby our clients' businesses are paid up to 80% of their
account receivable invoices within a few days, and, after the funder has
collected on the invoices additional monies are sent to the business.

Most recently, David has practiced as a licensed residential real estate
loan officer helping home buyers and investors purchase real estate; he
understands the problems associated with these transactions. A majority
of traditional bank financing is done strictly in accordance with Fannie
Mae guidelines and often
bank underwriters approve and deny loans
not based on the likelihood that the loan will be paid back but in fitting
the applicant's loan criteria into the rigid Fannie Mae box
. Fannie Mae
is, however, a great tool; it is necessary to serve the masses and allows
for millions who are eligible to achieve home ownership. The buying and
selling of real state notes on the secondary market is less regulated and

Excel Legal Funding can initiate the sale of an owner-financed note so
that the seller can get a lump sum at once. Excel Legal Funding, on a
case by case basis, can assist sellers of real estate in their transactions
so that soon after a sale, their note is more valuable and can be sold on
the secondary market. In some states a simultaneous or near
simultaneous closing can be transacted.
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