Business Notes

In order to sell your business were you frustrated that buyers had trouble
paying cash or getting full financing?  Surprised that even buyers with
excellent credit could not obtain traditional bank financing. Did you hold
a note to sell even though your preference was a lump sum of cash? Are
you concerned about the buyer not managing his business as well as
you did and not being able to pay off your note?

Let XL Funding provide capital in the form of a lump sum.

What Are Business Notes?
A business note is a promissory note secured by a business and its

How Are Business Notes Created?
Business notes are created when a business owner sells a business
using seller financing. The note is secured by the business and its
assets in case the buyer defaults.

Who Can Benefit from the Sale of Business Notes?
About 85 percent of all business sales involve seller financing. The
seller will accept a cash down payment for part of the sale and a
promissory note for the rest. Often the seller of the business involved
wishes to move on to another venture or industry or may need money for

If you have recently sold a business that you are still holding a note for,
contact us for further information.
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