Medical Receivables (Factoring)

What Are Medical Receivables?
Medical Receivables are payments owed to health care providers and
manufacturing companies by insurance companies, Medicare, or
Note: Typically, this does NOT include payments owed to
health care providers by patients.

How Are Medical Receivables Created?
Medical Receivables are created when a health care provider renders
service or a manufacturer provides equipment to a patient and is waiting
for reimbursement from an insurance company, HMO, PPO, or
government source.

Who Can Benefit from the Sale of a Medical Receivable?
Doctors and other health care providers often struggle to prosper as
they cannot afford to pay their staff on a weekly or bi-weekly while waiting
much longer to get paid from the insurance industry.   In the medical
industry, it is not uncommon for repayment to take from 60 to 120 days.
In a service industry with strong profit margins successful providers
should not have to choose between gross revenue and cash flow.
Selling these receivables can help the provider of services or
equipment stay current with payroll, taxes, overhead expenses, or
other obligations.

Are you waiting to be paid by an insurance company, HMO, PPO, or
government source such as Medicare or Medicaid? We can help.
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