Reasons to Sell

What are the benefits of factoring your income stream?

It does not create debt on your balance sheet.
Increases your purchasing power, enabling you to do more
Eliminates the need for bank loans or SBA Loans.
Improves your credit rating, and gives you cash to meet your
Eliminates using equipment, real estate or inventory for collateral.
Eliminates the need for venture capitalists or partners that share in
decision-making and profits.
Factor ALL of your receivables, or only the ones you choose.
Stop factoring any time you choose without termination penalties.
Start again any time you need the service.
Receive credit reports at reasonable rates.

Why would someone want to sell their note?

Current enjoyment
Major purchases
Other investment opportunities
Simply tired of collecting payments
To fund college costs
To pay off debts
To pay taxes
Bottom Line: Cash today is worth more than cash tomorrow!
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Reasons to Sell
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