Receivables Funding (Factoring)

Are you a business owner frustrated with having payroll weekly or bi-
weekly but waiting to get paid more than 45 days from established
vendors? Tired of turning down business with strong profit margins
because you need to get paid in a timely manner? Growing a business
need not be this painful.

Concentrate on growth and let Excel Legal Funding allow the advance
of money to meet payroll and accounts payable needs.

In many situations, Receivable Funding (Factoring) is more appropriate
than bank financing because Receivables Funding:

Is not based on the business owners credit.

Does not lower the value of a business the way a conventional bank
loan can by increasing its debt.

Is based only on the accounts receivable. A client's ability to raise
cash by Receivables Funding is based on the total accounts
receivable, rather than on traditional measures of financial strength
and stability.

Provides continuing cash flow without the requirement of periodic
payments or interim payoffs. New sales continuously create new
power to obtain cash, and the business does not have to deal with
renewal of loans or worry about maturity dates.

Gives a business increased access to cash as sales and
receivables increase. There is no ceiling beyond which the factor
must stop providing cash. The more sales a business makes, the
more cash it can draw. The factor does not concentrate on the
business debt/equity ratio to provide funds, as banks do.

Offers a dependable, continuing source of cash without the
necessity of making separate loan applications.

Avoids the necessity of obtaining funds from venture capitalists that
receive an interest in the business and generally have a say in how
the business is run.

Saves the business owner  time waiting for a loan board to grant or
deny his or her loan.  With factoring, periodic delays and
negotiations are eliminated, allowing the business owner time to
do what he or she does best to run the business.

What are the benefits of Receivables Funding?  
Stimulates cash flow
Relies on the strength of a business's customers
Quick results

Business owners need not turn away business with high profit margins
due to TERMS that allow the payor plenty of time to pay.
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